A warning - each paragraph gets steadily geekier and more obscure than the last! =p

First off, I appear to have an Umbrella of Sunshine (+1?)… The only day this week that I left it at home, I got drenched. Monday and Wednesday were dry, and today was hot and sunny. I’ll keep taking my umbrella to work, I think - it might looks silly, but if it means the sun keeps shining, then it’s worth it! ^_^

Secondly, it may not have been wise to put any Guns ‘n’ Roses songs on my disc of music to listen to at work. For the reason that “Sweet Child of Mine” nearly brings me to tears… Damn my falling in love with fictional characters.

(Obscure? I did warn you. Only three people know what I’m talking about, I suspect, if even they haven’t forgotten =p)

Last but not least…

Book: $0.99. Shipping: $15. Gotta’ love eBay. Gotta’ love the weak dollar more - even including shipping, that means I’ve just bought seemingly the internet’s only for-sale copy of Changeling: The Dreaming for £9.52. A winner is me!