So, Yeah, Updates.

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Sorry I haven’t been updating much recently… been busy.

First off, my apologies to #ddrfuk and #anime-england for not having been doing the IRC stats… I’m switching between two operating systems at the moment, and there’s no sensible way of logging IRC channels in both OSes, and updating the stats from one of the OSes is something I’m not sure how to do yet…

So yeah, much computerfun over the last few days. I’m missing out on the DDRFUK meet in London today because I have no money… just like I’m missing out on a lot else by having no money. I have to buy a book for my Physics of the Solar System course, costing £30… that’s a week’s living expenses. Woo yay. And with Minamicon coming up - oh look. Biggest collection of anime on sale in the country, and I can’t afford any of it. The cheque from QinetiQ still hasn’t come, but now even when it does, it won’t put me back in credit. I’ve now gone over £600 in debt.

Next week, I’ve got to do a presentation on General Relativity, a subject I know nothing about at the moment. Should be fun… I can’t blag it either, because the audience includes my relativity lecturer.

Today, I cleaned my room. Tomorrow, I go shopping. Then it’s back to uni again for another week. I lead t3h fun life…

And, I went to the Hobbit just now. Good place, and shockingly they had a band on who were pretty good! I’ve gotta remember to go back there more often. Expensive drinks though, £2.30 for a pint of Strongbow, so… more money gone that I shouldn’t have spent ^_^;;

Um, yeah… that’s about it for now.