Okay, here goes a fairly major update.


Wednesday has not since been mentioned. It is better that way, I think.


Did nothing. Avoided RockSoc pub-crawl due to Wednesday issues and the Dungeon being full of RockSoc people.


Met with my final year project tutor for the first time. This project is going to be really awesome, if only I can get over the insanely-difficult and my-partner-appears-not-to-exist issues. Avoided Library Skills thing in the afternoon, as it appeared to be a gigantic waste of time.

Intention: spend the evening preparing for Saturday’s Dreaming Awake game.

Reality: hung-over Racheet Soul Calibur 2, Pascalius Gaijin Smash, dinner choice decided by alliteration (satay sauteed potatoes), Dogtato-kun and Comic Party.

Whoops. Nonetheless, awesome day.


Day One of the great Can-Ian-Run-A-Game experiment. Verdict: yes!

Well, more-or-less. I was worrying throughout that I was concentrating too much on some characters and not others, and I had a hell of a time convincing the lot of them that they could actually stand travelling together, but it all seemed to turn out okay in the end.

The “please be painfully honest” advice from the players at the end - not that I was doing badly as I suspected, but just that I need to be more confident. Good news, I think - confidence is something that just about everyone’s trying to teach me at the moment, and although I initially doubted that I could improve very quickly, I think I might be getting there. Slowly, and there’s still a long way to go. But I’m trying.

Thankfully, as I hoped, the characters’ actions are shaping the world nicely. Slowly but surely things are starting to tip away from the book’s plot, which I think is conclusive proof that the characters really are having an effect on the world. They also spawned about a dozen NPCs, spread a few rumours… It’s going to be difficult to keep track of how this all propagates, but it’ll be awesome when it does. And, what’s more, they’re now quite heavily involved in a sub-plot that didn’t even exist until one of them chose to poke around inside a rotten old sea-chest. Rapid plot-creation for th

e win!

Part II of Saturday involved a huge and awesome Chinese meal at the Panda on Carlton Road, at which for the first time I met Shea, the possibly-infamous Steve and two people whose names I have now forgotten. Go me, and my memory. After that we headed to the Dungeon (I’m glad I turned down two offers, otherwise this’d be the fourth day in a row I’d been there!) where I mostly hung around chatting to people. As Racheet commented afterwards, that’s probably a good sign that for me the Dungeon is now more of a place to see people than a place to drink and dance.

It would appear from recent events that Racheet’s two main freind groups in the city are now rapidly merging. It’s gotta’ be a good thing - first, because it’s not good to have to divide time between two separate groups of people, and secondly because it means I get to meet a whole bunch of new and awesome people!

Also, I managed to be asked to burn a copy of Bottle Fairy for someone about three hours after meeting him for the first time. I love my life when it does that kind of thing to me. ^_^;

Today on the interweb

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