Southampton Pagan moot

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…surprisingly un-scary ^_^;

Well, okay, I wasn’t really expecting it to be particularly scary. Unfortunately, as usual, I was very quiet - even worse than normal since I was surrounded by at least a dozen people that I don’t know.

Oddly, I felt a little out of my depth, even though really I don’t think I was. I think maybe that’s what comes of having spent the last few years delving into the philosophical and psychological aspects of such things, and not really thinking about the more practical aspects that most people tend to prefer talking about.

I’d like to go again next week to see what the University-only meetings are like, and I hope that’ll be okay. I’m not sure whether I imparted a good first impression or a bad one to the people I met today, but I think at least I did leave people with an honest impression. That’s probably for the best.