Still Managing to Survive

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It looks like friends, fun and 13 hours of sleep let me recover from Monday’s weirdness. It’s for the best. I feel much better now, and nothing’s really changed apart from that.

Today taught me an important lesson though - films that you love are best seen without an audience. With luck I managed to block out most of the two hours’ worth of comments, so Nausicaa hasn’t quite been ruined for me yet.

Plus, Anime Society angst continues. It’s slowly beginning to dawn on me, though - although I’ve been effectively removed from my committee position without any kind of vote or AGM and the society’s been pretty much taken over by one person who’s appointing committee positions as he sees fit - I really don’t think I care. Everything comes to an end sooner or later, and maybe it’s best that this dream of mine ends now rather than lasting any longer.