Stories Ending and Beginning

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I wonder if it’s a bad thing that I get so emotional about stories… Adding to my own rather emotional feelings recently, I’ve just finished watching Da Capo and reading the latest Discworld Novel, A Hat Full of Sky. Also, I’m getting very near the end of watching Uchuu no Stellvia and playing Grandia II. So, yeah… the ending of four stories at once is making me feel really odd at the moment.

However, new things are beginning, too. On Saturday I’m off to Southampton for a housewarming party at a house I won’t actually be moving into for another three months, but it’ll be great fun anyway! And the day after, I move down to Portland, ready to start my Summer job on Monday. It’s scarily close though… ^_^;

Tomorrow (hopefully, at least - I still need to phone Adam and ask if I’m actually invited…) I get to have dance game, curry and drinks fun with Adam, Ant, Andy and Fuse, which will be awesome!