Super Fun in London!

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Okay, so… today!

First off, engineering works on both trains and tubes conspired against Richard (who was paying for me - thanks!! ^_^;) and I getting to LAC in the first place. Once we were there, though, we managed to avoid actually watching any anime, and mostly chatted randomly to people.

Richard went home early, while I stayed in london with Ant. We went to Forbidden planet (which is HUGE), LV (where I passed beethoven Virus on hard mode on the Pump machine), Troc (where I won the prize by failing first stage on Pump Exceed), and then on to Namco where I met Snap (again - he was at LAC too), MAC, Masseuse, and Jester, along with a few other people whose intarwebnet names I don’t remember. Also, I confirmed my suckage at CSFILSM by failing EM2’s normal 2 course again. I also (just) failed Adam’s new scarily hard stepfile, Segersang.

Anyway, enough of the dancing fag games. Today was most excellent! Much fun was had.