The Critical Mass of Mentality

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Having only started to get used to working on two levels at once, I now find myself trying to cope with seven.

While talking to Mark and Racheet last night, we got onto the topic of the inside of my mind, and I’m not sure if I handled the conversation well or not. I was in a mood for saying things without thinking first - I can’t really remember all of what I said, but it’s continually bugging me that I might have said something that makes me sound really weird…

So… those two personalities aside, let’s move on to the next four. I’m playing in four RPGs this year, and I’m worried that they might end up frying my brain. I have a lot of empathy for all four characters, and one of them I’m about to have a lot more empathy with than I previously thought - Racheet suggested that for his Battlemaster High game each player writes an <a href=>in-character LiveJournal</a>. I’ve got no doubts about doing it, but it’s going to be mightily weird.

On to the seventh - today I’ve started redoing the Dreaming Awake website.

I wanted a combined place for Dreaming Awake, my new story project (more in a minute) and my essays on various philosophical and psychological things that crop up in the stories. Back to the seventh character / personality component - the hero of my other story I’m attempting to write (“Forgotten Children” - pretty much a minor endeavour compared to the hugeness of Dreaming Awake) finally has a name, age, background story, personality, and all that stuff. I’ve written an intro to Forgotten Children - as told by Shinsei (the main character), although I’m not sure if I like it as an intro yet. I have a feeling it’ll be weird to work with him as a character, because his mentality comes pretty much right between mine and Tsuki’s - combining Tsuki’s innocence and enthusiasm with my calmness and deep thinking. I’m sure it’ll be an experience!