The Waiting is the Most Painful Bit

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Another week of work done, and only two more to go. Still, two weeks is long enough. There’s really nothing I want more in the world than to be back in Southampton soon…

This weekend was a party for Ant’s birthday and his last weekend before he heads off to London. There were only three of us (him, Elise and I), but we had great fun chatting, eating pizza and cake, drinking, playing Taboo for… several hours (^^;) and watching Knightmare (<3 Challenge TV). Ant and I meant to go home not too late that evening, but by the time we were getting tired it was 5.30am so we decided to crash there for the night. ^^

A super fun party, but a party that marked the last Uni student of my friends leaving home for the new term. Except me. Two weeks left, and counting every day…

DARPG players: Game rules page v2 out tomorrow.

Racheet: Will get some Uresia characters done tomorrow too. I haven’t forgotten!