Ugh... Brain... fried...

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Yay~su… Exalted went on until 2am yesterday, then add on the walk home, getting ready for bed, and waking up at 7.30 this morning - I got three and a half hours sleep last night! Since I did manage to get up at 7.30 I made the effort and went in for my Maths tutorial, but I couldn’t think straight the whole time, and kept closing my eyes… That’s why I gave up on the other two lectures that I had (in theory) today, since I really would have just fallen asleep.

I’m back home now and waking up a bit, but… I think I’ll go to bed for the afternoon, then wake up for dinner and do my work afterwards… and ARGH! One of these days I’ll have the time to start revising for my exams… first one’s on Monday, and I still have two of this week’s problem sheets to finish before I can start revising… Why don’t they cut down the amount of work we have to do towards the exam period!?