It’s been one of the nicest days I remember, today. Not a cloud in the sky, and the sun shining down strongly… Shame it won’t last even until tomorrow, apparently.

Anyway, today’s been a really good day at work, despite the fact I don’t actually have a computer set up there yet! ^_^; I’m involved with a really exciting new project, which will be tough but hopefully rewarding. In other news, on the way back home today I went and bought a magazine - for £6. Next time I think I’ll just buy a novel for the same amount of money, it’ll last ten times longer…

Tsuki’s Tip of the Day: How to get a free Massage.

Stand on the top of an open-top bus as it goes along the top of Portalnd into a Force 6 headwind. Glasses reccommended if you want to be able to have your eyes open! ^_^;