Today went mostly from okay to cool to awesome to ARGH MY BRAIN HURTS.

This morning I went to lectures, and helped Racheet get a newly-acquired computer home from Highfield. That was okay.

Then we spent most of the afternoon fiddling with said computer, geek shopping and eating lots of snack food. That was cool.

Then we went wandering across the Common to see what we could find, which wasn’t much. But regardless, that was awesome.

Then there was alcohol and bilberry pie and Have I Got News For You and SITUATION C IS BREAKING MY MIND and I don’t think I can do anything about it which hurts even more and means postponing resolution of Situation A and means my social life just got a whole lot more messed up and when it comes down to it I’m still not sure what on Earth is going on this weekend and from the looks of it tonight will end up being an all-nighter just so we can prove that friends are good things to have.

That was a really long sentence. Sorry.