Waiting for the HSBC Lynching Squad

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So, currently… I’m on my overdraft limit, I owe my parents £40 and there’s already £60 on my credit card. I have two weeks, including - hopefully - a trip to Southampton, in which I can spend precisely nothing. Not a very fun situation to be in. My wallet contains twenty-four pence, not even enough to buy breakfast a work…

In other news - at least this is free - Flashbacks is coming along pretty well. In fact, I may have nearly finished, although I’ll continue adding things to it occasionally as I remember them. I took a walk around some of the places I remembered today, taking photos which thanks to my delightful ‘net connection are currently confined to my hard disk. Still, I’ll try to get them uploaded, even if I can only do one a day or so.

While out there today, I also discovered a little more about which memories of my past are real and which were only dreams. Details to appear on Flashbacks: Bronze Lake tomorrow night.