What is home...?

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Well, yesterday I moved back to my parents’ house for three weeks for Chrsitmas! It was kinda’ sad to say goodbye to people there for three weeks, but it’ll be good to see everyone from Bournemouth again. I just wished they’d come home sooner, I think Dom and Adam are back on Thursday and Ant next weekend. In the meantime, I’m not having much to do, but I guess it’s okay to take it easy for a while. I’ve got lots of revision I could be doing (exams in January, eek!) and lots of games I could be playing now I’m back at home with a PS2 and a TV… But for a few days, I think I’ll just relax.

It seems most of my family are having problems of some sort… by Grandad (dad’s side) is continually in hospital at the moment, so my parents are helping to run my Grandma’s life for her ^_^ My Nan’s in and out of hospital too, but I haven’t heard much so I guess she’s coping fine.

Also, I’m back on my parent’s 56k dialup connection, so I won’t be online much… I’ll probably take a step back from IRC and the Anime-England and DDRFUK forums for a while, since I don’t really want to be up until 2am using the ‘net here as well as when I’m at Uni - Christmas is for eating, drinking, being merry, and being a lazy bastard! ^_^