Whoah, no updates for a week! But I have good reasons...

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Monday: Pretty much nothing of importance.

Tuesday: Nothing important during the day, but played one of the coolest Exalted sessions so far in the evening. My character, Karashi, nearly died by being trapped in a shattering dream - scarily appropriate for a character who’s beginning to resemble Tsuki in pretty much every way.

Wednesday: Met Racheet for the first time, and agreed to look around the house that I’ll hopefully be renting. In the evening, I succeeded in winning the prize. I spilled coffee on my keyboard, and ended up typing without the use of a B, M, P, X, Z, comma or full stop for the rest of the evening. I ended up substituting other characters to vaguely look like the missing ones, and people on #ddruk thought I was trying to be l33t…

Thursday: Went to look around the house in the afternoon… stayed round, listening to music and watching AMVs. Rhiannon, one of Racheet’s friends, came over, and much enjoyment of pizza and alcohol was had. Later we headed off to The Dungeon, which it turns out isn’t quite as scary as it sounds! ^^ Everyone there was really friendly, and I had a great time, although (as always) I was worried that I was too shy and didn’t talk enough… I spent a bit of time dancing (okay, headbanging), quite a while meeting new people, and a fair bit of time talking about anime, roleplaying, martial arts, music, learning Japanese and LiveJournals ^^;; Seems I’m pretty much on the same wavelength as a lot of people there! ^_^ I eventually got back home at 3am, having had one of the best nights out in Southampton I’ve ever had, and having met loads of really great people!

Friday (so far): Woke up at 7:30 (yay, four hours’ sleep ^_^;). Phoned my mum to check whether shes okay about the house, seeing as we’d planned to sign the contracts today. She was surprisingly completely okay about it, considering all the trouble last time I was about to sign house contracts. (She spent far more time in the phone call worrying about people owing me money for next year’s Minamicon, although I don’t know why she’s concerned.)

Anyway, this afternoon we go to sign the contract, and afterwards I go into town to buy a new keyboard and do my long-overdue laundry. What fun… ^_^;