A while ago, I blogged my indifference to the Alternative Vote system, and politics in general at that point, in a post entitled “Meh” to AV.  My main objection was that AV would increase the likelihood of the country being governed by bland centrist coalitions.  However, now hopefully somewhat more educated about the subject, I am now given to understand that AV would in fact reduce the likelihood of coalition governments – and given how well our current coalition is working out for all concerned, I suspect that a greater chance of outright majority governments may be a good thing for Britain.

Over and above this, the biggest advantage of AV in my opinion is that it removes the desire to vote tactically.  Thus far in my adult life I have resolutely voted Lib Dem in my constituency, where they trail the Conservatives with about 30% of the vote compared to 40% – not exactly close, but not far off.  As I find my inclinations swinging toward Labour (15%), the existing First Past the Post system means I now have a choice: support Labour by voting for them, or oppose the Tories by voting Lib Dem.  (Not that that’s working too well at the moment.)  The AV system gives me the ability to properly express my opinions: I’d like Labour first, the Lib Dems second, and the others not at all.

But in case none of that was convincing, I suggest you attempt the following procedure, which has thus far done me no harm in life:

  1. Figure out what a bunch of stuffy old-Etonian toffs and/or bigoted racist dicks want you to do

  2. Figure out what the opposite is

  3. Do that.

Whether it’s for fairer representation, for better allowing you to express your opinion, to Stick it to the Forehead Man, or just for the lulz – please join me in voting “Yes” to the Alternative Vote system on May 5th.