Vital Statistics

Name: Jebodiah
Rank: Village Elder (Commoner)
House: Hyacinth
Sex: Male


Jebodiah is the leader of the village and wannabe peasant collective of Wheat Down. Formerly cursed with unnerving sight and glowing golden eyes by the late Duke Hyacinth, this effect has faded with the Duke's death. Jebodiah now acts as an advisor to Baron Nyano, who owns the former Hyacinth duchy.

Character Sheet

Strength Charisma Perception
Dexterity Manipulation Intelligence
Stamina Appearance Wits
Alertness Animal Ken Academics
Athletics Archery Enigmas
Brawl Crafts (Farming) Hearth Wisdom
Dodge Etiquette Investigation
Empathy Melee Law
Expression Performance Linguistics
Intimidation Ride Medicine
Kenning Security Occult
Leadership Stealth Politics
Subterfuge Survival Theology
Streetwise* Drive* Computer*
Firearms* Science*
Chicanery Allies Glamour
Legerdemain Contacts Willpower
Primal Forces Banality
Soothsay Holdings
Sovereign Human Contact
Wayfare Legacy
Actor Resources
Fae Retinue
Nature Title
Prop Treasures


Jebodiah's curse, no longer active, had the following effect: He cannot fail any check involving Kenning, and when attempting a perception check where the target is a Faerie, Jebodiah acts as if he had a Perception score two dots higher than normal.

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