Brief Summary

Joleth is Lorena's long-lost husband, presumed to have died in battle.

Joleth's Past

Joleth was a soldier in the Western Kingdom army, up to around 20 years ago. He and his division were stationed near Arcadia at that time, thanks to some misguided idea that there might be anything to protect from marauding invaders or dissenting rebels. Since it was clear that the army wouldn't be going anywhere soon, or perhaps ever, the soldiers got to know the members of nearby villages, and this was how he met and fell in love with Lorena. Both very much in love, they soon married. However, they had no chance to settle down. Just weeks later, Joleth and his entire division were called away to fight a battle hundreds of miles to the east, at the town of Lacerta.
Joleth's sword was returned to Lorena after Joleth fell in that battle. She still loves him and still dreams that one day he will return, since his body was never found on the battlefield.

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