Kotori Hasegawa

Brief Summary

Kotori is a shy and reserved girl who divides her time between school, working at the shrine where she lives, and practicing Kendo.

Vital Statistics

Name: Kotori Hasegawa
Age: 17 to 42, across several stories
Sex: Female
Birthday: March 8th
Likes: Kendo, Kai, Japanese History, Ragnarok Online
Dislikes: Kiyoji, Suspicious Chinese Magicians
Special Features: One of Yuki's favourites
Theme Song: Sarah Brightman - Eden (with Kai: Guns 'n' Roses - Sweet Child o' Mine)

Kotori's Past

At the age of seven her parents were killed in an accident on holiday, and since that time she has been shy, reclusive and determined to become stronger in order to protect people. After the tragic even, she was forced to move house - to the shrine, where she currently lives - and schools. During the intervening ten years she has slowly drifted away from her old schoolfriends and made few new friends.
However, this has all recently undergone a huge change. Having moved schools again, she has now found more friends than she has ever had before, and has become dedicated to them. Finally, she seems to be giving up the sadness of her past and moving on in life. There's even talk that she now has a boyfriend, something that few people - least of all her - would have expected.


Kotori has a Livejournal, unmaintained since the end of the Battlemaster High tabletop game in 2004-05, at http://www.livejournal.com/~kotori_hasegawa/.

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