Solid Snape

Vital Statistics

Name: Solid Snape (possibly)
Rank: Commoner
House: Hyacinth
Sex: Male

The Story So Far

Little is known of this man's early years, and his fame began while he was already an old man. He is widely renowned for his success in ending the evil plans of the landlord at his local, the Fox and Hounds, at producing a mysterious beverage known only as "Metal Beer". He since moved to the village of Wheat Down, and works for its elder, Jebodiah.

Character Sheet

Strength Charisma Perception
Dexterity Manipulation Intelligence
Stamina Appearance Wits
Alertness Animal Ken Academics
Athletics Archery Enigmas
Brawl Crafts Hearth Wisdom
Dodge Etiquette Investigation
Empathy Melee Law
Expression Performance Linguistics
Intimidation Ride Medicine
Kenning Security Occult
Leadership Stealth Politics
Subterfuge Survival Theology
Streetwise* Drive* Computer*
Firearms* Science*
Chicanery Allies (Jebodiah) Glamour
Legerdemain Contacts Willpower
Primal Forces Banality
Soothsay Holdings
Sovereign Human Contact
Wayfare Legacy
Actor Resources
Fae Retinue
Nature Title
Prop Treasures

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