CHANDLER, a FAILURE, is secretly ZAC EFRON, a FAILURE. By the power of a CREEPY SUICIDE-JANITOR, he becomes ZAC EFRON again. Who is SEVENTEEN. No, really, I was as shocked as you.

EMBARASSING, POINTLESS HIGH SCHOOL HI-JINKS ensue, until at last ALL are overcome and sink forever into the PIT OF DESPAIR.

By the Numbers:

  • Cheerleader upskirts: 5
  • Slaps: 9
  • Spock ears: 6
  • Lightsaber duels: Somehow, 1
  • Zac Efron douchebag factor: over 9000
  • Scenes of main character flirting with ex-wife: 87
  • Scenes of main character flirting with daughter: 24
  • Scenes of flirting in Elvish: Somehow, 2
  • Percentage of all scenes that are cringeworthy: 99.4 (the credits are just about okay)

Overall: -23 / 5