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The full Bill of Materials for the Plane/Sailing project is as follows. I re-used a number of these components that were left over from previous projects, but I’ve included prices for everything (as of October 2020) for completeness.

If you’re recreating this project from scratch, I would recommend swapping my two Raspberry Pi Model B’s for a single Raspberry Pi 4, which should be able to cope with the combined workload. You’ll therefore only need one case, SD card, USB cable and Ethernet cable as well. This will reduce complexity, cost and space taken up by the project!

Part Purchase Link Quantity Cost (GBP)/ea Cost (GBP)
Diamond X-50 Antenna Nevada Radio 1 59.95 59.95
Pimoroni ADS-B Antenna Pimoroni 1 24.90 24.90
Pimoroni 8m N-type to SMA Cable Pimoroni 2 10.50 21.00
FlightAware Pro Stick Plus Pimoroni 1 23.70 23.70
RTL-SDR v3 Dongle Technofix 1 27.99 27.99
Raspberry Pi Model B Farnell 2 22.65 45.30
Short Crust case Amazon 2 7.99 15.98
SD Card Amazon 2 3.78 7.56
USB Cable Amazon 2 2.99 5.98
Ethernet Cable Amazon 2 3.51 7.02
USB Plug Amazon 1 8.99 8.99
      TOTAL 248.37