Tank Day 2: Remote Control Tests

Before I have my way with this tank and probably irreparably break it, day 2 of the build saw us put it through its paces as a radio-controlled vehicle, just like God Heng Long Plastic Toys ltd intended.

Here it is posing on the grass:

Tank on the Grass

And the first attempt at video from a mounted camera, which turned out… who am I kidding, it’s awful. There’s no sound and the tank doesn’t move in the video because when it does, the camera falls off.

When this thing gets its Raspberry Pi installed I’m keen to add a webcam and get it to follow a laser dot, but when that happens it will have to be a much better-secured camera!

Note the sign reminding us not to play ball games.  I figure BB pellets are to small to really be balls, and besides, this is no game. This is survival. By which I mean, if I take out any rabbits with this thing, I’m eating them for dinner.  Currently running at a hit ratio of, er… zero.


This rc tank is amazing..

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Mosese Uluiviti 05 April 2013

Fantastic footage.....except at the end there, was afraid someone was gonna get it in the butt...!!

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