Plane/Sailing Portable

“Plane/Sailing Portable” is a tiny hardware stack designed to be installed in ad-hoc locations, fitted to a vehicle or even carried in a pocket, from where it can contribute ADS-B, AIS or APRS coverage to the Plane/Sailing tracking system.

A Raspberry Pi Zero W, USB pHAT and RTL-SDR dongle attached together The second prototype of Plane/Sailing Portable

The build guide is split into sections on the following pages.

The project is still at the prototype stage (cable ties are still involved!)—see the final page for potential future improvements to be made.

  1. Background, Goals & Design
  2. Hardware Build & Operating System
  3. Receiver Software Setup
  4. Service Management Scripts
  5. Integration with Plane/Sailing
  6. Performance Testing
  7. Future Enhancements

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