Dreaming Awake Game 1

I ran my first game set in the Dreaming Awake setting at university in 2005. Unfortunately, due to a number of reasons, the game only reached its fifth session.


The first Dreaming Awake game used a system created from scratch specifically for it. Although it was briefly play-tested for balance issues beforehand, it suffered from a few issues that only became apparent once it was properly in play:

Information regarding the system we used is documented here for archaeological purposes:


The fact that I am deeply in love with Dreaming Awake as a setting should come as no surprise. I wanted the game to feel like an open-ended sandbox that gradually drags the characters into the plot, giving them chance to have fun with the setting, rather than running a railroaded campaign. I probably allowed too much freedom here, and I learnt the following lessons (the hard way):

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