Dreams of the Black Tower

This is an in-character game thread from Changeling: In Love and War. (This page is not Creative Commons licenced.)


Walking into his laboratory Gustafssen, his hair once more half shaggy
mess, half neatly combed, spied Runciblespoon and Errrr what ever his
name was standing stiffly to attention, lab coats neatly pressed and
turned out, goggles resting neatly on their foreheads and both with
huge protective gloves encasing their hands. From the store room
echoed the sounds of Schrodinger kitting himself up, whilst Heisenberg
could be heard in the kitchen unit doing what ever it was that he did.

“Gut, gut. Aller ich bin wir bin hier f¸r diese bedeutsame Gelegenheit
froh.” ‘Never before has anything this momentous this world
shattering been attempted’ “Well at least not since that time we
accidentally telefraged the duchess’s summer home with the Castle when
testing the Vegetable patch relocation device. But that’s neither
here nor there.”

“Yeah,” muttered Runciblespoon, “We never could get the castle back onto its original foundations.”

Completely ignoring the muttered comment Gustafssen continues in his
strange two toned voice. ‘As you know, there is a possibility
that a strange tower has been raised within the bounds of the Queens
lands.’ “This is unheard of in our history, the Royal lands have
always been sacrosanct respected by all sides in all wars. And so
we will be sending out a two pronged research team to investigate and
report back.”

Noting the slight perkiness of his technicians he continued ‘Now we
will be unable to spare any of you from your duties here in the
laboratory’ As they visibly wilted he carried on oblivious, ‘This
is why we have prepared these lists of items to collect. We will
reconvene in the Super Fast Evolve-o-Matic Ray room in half an
hour.’ “Schnell schnell schnell!”

Carefully Gustafssen placed Heisenberg and Schrodinger’s lists on
the table and headed to the deepfreeze to gather his equipment.

… Time passes with much banging, clattering, high speed vegetable retrieval and general swearing occuring…

As the technicians raced around collecting bits and pieces, finely
tuning this and that and generally looking harassed and busy Gustafssen
approached one of the many blank walls in his laboratory and carefully
touched a wall stone. ‘Vitamin levels correct and accounted for,
faemetric readings accurate, please enter Herr Gustafssen.’ This
done he stepped clean through the wall into the castles launch
room. Through the reinforced viewing screen he could see potatoes
running about in methodical mayhem, slowly winching a giant marrow into
place on the launch pad. Then out from the changing rooms strode
the intrepid few. Despite being dressed in full space gear both
Potatoes still wore their hats and had their Whips stowed at their
belts. The sprouts, looking particularly dashing in their
military space combat dress, marched in unison carrying the bedraggled
and unconscious form of the aubergine between them and escorting a
slightly groggy looking potato who's helmet was topped with a little
night cap. Somehow between its repeated escape attempts if had
managed to adorn its flight gear in those strange symbols it had
tattooed all over its skin. Finally came the floret of cauliflower, its
belt of explosives, grenades and a backpack full of dynamite carefully
stowed in a bomb proof sardine tin which floated along behind it.
As they reached the marrow, now firmly in place, those vegetable
conscious enough turned and saluted up to the control room before
embarking. At which point the aubergine made one last desperate
attempt to run for it, but was skilfully brought down as two whips
wrapped themselves around its lower half.

Finally Gustafssen lowered the tinted goggles over his eyes and pressed
the button labelled ‘blast off!’ and a great whooping sound echoed out
and the massed ranks of vegetables cleared the decks. Then
with a great roar and shudder the ICBM rose from its resting place a
flew up the exit tubes…

… In one of the castles quiet courtyards a fishpond slid aside quite
startling a young pair of fairies who were canoodling on its rim, and
from out of the depths rose the great marrow roaring its way into the
sky and the great beyond…

… Back in the lab the Fae scientist exited the launch room and headed towards the Super Fast Evolve-o-Matic Ray room.

Finally all was prepared. In front of the great scientist stood three tiny puffball mushrooms neatly arrayed on a

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[Private to GM:

Translation of German,

1) Good, good. I am glad we are all here for this momentous occasion.

2) Quickly, quickly, quickly.


OOC: Part 2:

Finally all was prepared. The Super Fast Evolve-o-Matic Ray had
been finely tuned to within a micron, the workbenches and tables were
loaded down with a mixture of strange occasionally smoking concoctions
and the Mk. 4 Wettersteuervorrichtung had been cleaned and stood
sparkling in the sun; every scrap of bird crap having been removed and
stored for later fertiliser purposes.

In front of the great scientist stood three tiny puffball mushroom
spores neatly arrayed on a tray underneath a giant magnifying
glass. Slowly and carefully removed vile after vile of strangely
coloured liquids and gasses from a tray in front of him and aimed and
gently sprayed them at the spores. On the tray beside the spores
hundreds of miniature televisions screened movies, dreams and technical
manuals constantly. And as he worked Gustafssen mumbled to
himselves, “Now let me see, Observation”, ‘yes.’
“Craftiness?” ‘Just a smidge.’ “Cool and cunning?” ‘Most
defiantly. A Spot of curiosity?’ “Most certainly I
think.” “ ‘Ahhh yes a good dose of EMP, psychic abilities and
remote viewing.” ’ On and on he went, listing qualities, movies,
books, and people and as he listed another small cloud puffed over the
spores and sank deep into their very being. Only a small number
of viles were not used, those labelled, ‘Austin Powers’, ‘Inspector
Jacques Clouseau’, ‘Maxwell Smart’ among others.

Finally he looked up at the expectant and fearful faces of his
technicians. “ ‘It is Time’ ” he said in unison, and at these
words they scrambled to their places as Gustafssen reverently placed
the spores below the Super Fast Evolve-o-Matic Ray. Then with
absolute care he positioned the head of the ‘Q inspirational
amplification matrix’ and focused it on the spores. Then he
activated the pulse-omatic strobification unit, and cranked the handle
of the Multivitamin enhancer. Before finally allowing a single
drop of ‘Gustafssen’s Baby-bio miracle grow glamour formula’ to soak
into each spore. Stepping back from his work he headed once more
to his work bench and lowered his goggles.

"Errr What ever your name is. Raise the lightning rods!”

‘Runciblespoon would you be so kind as to Fire up the sonic occilators!!’

“Schrodinger Crank the Newtonian compensators 7 notches!!!

‘ “Heisenberg for once in you life do something and Initiate the Pseudoscientific sprocket field!!!!”’

‘Gustafssen, I would be honoured if a genius such as yourself would throw the switch on my mark.’ “Certainly Mein Herr.”


As he started the countdown a wining started to build within the lab,
rising up through the audio spectrum and tap dancing its way through
along the fairies teeth like foil on fillings.


Multi coloured lightning began to flash around the room and spreading
out into the floors and corridors of the castle, grounding on various
objects and leaving behind blackend scorch marks and Nobles and
Servants alike quaking in fear behind anything they thought Gustafssen


As the noise built up objects started to bounce about the castle
furniture clattered, eggs cooked and exploded in their shells and
occasionally a rather startled fish would crash to the floor and
shatter into a thousand fishy pieces with a crystalline tinkle.


In the lab the four fairy technicians dived for the cover or their
Cabbage reinforced blast screens, not even daring to look at their
employer as he stood in the strange pulsing light of the machine with a
manic grin plastered across his face. Throughout the castle raw
glamour pulsed and oozed from objects, underwear and corsetry
spontaneously turned to small rose scented pink butterflies in an ever
expanding ring around Duchess Regara unleashing a rose scented storm of
brain mulching images and embarrassment upon all present.


All the world warped and quailed around him Gustafssen quietly and confidently threw the switch…

OOC: EMP: Extra Mushroomy Perception

Part 3 is still to come.


… and the world stopped, not for long but just enough time to make
every creature in the castle think ‘Wuh?’ And then with a loud
‘Glooooup’ the world restarted itself and the deafening quiet of the
aftermath rang out through Castle Poppy. Glamour stopped its
oozing and froze solidly in place, nobles and servants crawled
hesitantly out from their hiding places and little pink butterflies
froze mid flight and hung in the air like a rose scented confetti

In his laboratory Gustafssen stepped away from the switch, leaving a
perfect outline imprinted on the wall. Looking at the three tiny
spores he chuckled to himself in glee, a sound which made the
technicians attempt to sink into the floor.

Quickly he placed each spore into a giant bucket of earth and gently
patted down the earth around it. Then taking out the bottle of
‘Gustafssen’s Baby-bio miracle grow glamour formula’ he administered
two small drops and cried. “ ‘To the tower!’”

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

A loud thump echoed down the corridor outside Gustaffsons lab. It was
swiftly followed by another much smaller bang, a shout of incoherent,
but very British , rage and a series of soft squishing sounds.

They culminated in a soft bubbling and a discreet cough. Moments later,
Hugh sauntered into the lab trailing noodles everywhere and looking
faintly embarassed. Though grinning and looking like a man much more
awake than he had been 5 minutes ago.

"Well that was ... an experience.

What ho Gustaffson! I take it you're responsible for the tremblings in the very nature of what faerie wasn't meant to wot at?"


“Guter Tag mein Freund.” ‘We’re afraid we can’t really stop and
chat.’ “we’re in the middle of an experiment don’t you
know!” As he said this two of the scientist’s technicians dashed
out the door carrying a bucket of earth between them and making a
beeline for the stairs. “Grab a bucket and help Runciblespoon
carry it to the tower” ‘And don’t touch what’s growing in the earth!’
“The worlds future lies in those dark moist depths!” This said
Gustafssen dashed out the door bucket and technician in tow, followed
by Runciblespoon who was making good headway with his load.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

"Oh I say! Watch out for the wild noodles though, they're somewhat frisky today."

Warning delivered, Hugh quickstepped over to the buckets, picked one up and followed the scientists.


As the scientific expedition raced through the castle Nobles and
servants dived out the way, once more scuttling into their places of
safety. Many had seen the effects of Gustafssen’s experiments on
random passers by and those who accidentally collided with them, and
few wanted that to happen to them…

…A short time later the Group of fae burst out onto the top of the
Weather tower carefully placing the three giant tubs on the ground
before collapsing into a giant exhausted heap.

Moments later Gustafsen was up chivvying his lackeys with all the crazy
energy that one crazed and ingenious fae could muster. “Hast,
Hast, Hast! Quickly now move the three containers to the
specially erected platforms.” ‘And what ever you do, do not touch the
mushrooms! They are not yet ready.’ As he said this all
eyes on the tower locked onto the three mushrooms who’s fruiting bodies
were breaking through the surface of the soil and growing rapidly in
the containers.

As the technicians ran to position their charges Gustafssen scuttled
over to the control panel the master of Fae science surveyed his
creation, eyes a glisten with happiness and expectation. Gently a
hand reached out and stroked the levers, knobs and switches arrayed
before him. Then his hands started moving with more purpose,
flipping stitches, turning wheels and pushing buttons. Soon
lights and dials were flickering as his fingers danced their way across
the controls. “Runciblespoon!” ‘Would you be so kind as to as to
crank the suetpiezoelectric pulse generator up to Maximum power
generation.’ “You! Errr what ever your name is.
Remove the Astrolabe from the sweet and sour sauce and place it into
the garlic and herb solvent solutions. We need as much
conductivity as possible!”

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post. Unfortunatly after a 'discussion' with my mother about
future and jobs etc I'm not really in the mood for finishing it at the
moment. But I thought i'd post some at the moment just to show
that stuff is being done.


As the small metal device slide into the glisten and very tasty white
liquid a small whirlwind started to form over the top of the tower,
twisting and turning it gently tugged at the hair and clothing of all
those on the tower. “We need more power!” Mused the Fae
scientist before quickly turning to a giant wheel and started to turn
it. ‘Yes I believe perhaps ad few twists should do it.’ 15 turns
latter the whirlwind span harder and harder. Soon the Chef and
the accompanying technicians were grabbing hold of anything solid and
fixed down. RuncibleSpoon edged his way along the walls towards
Hugh, he tried shouting in his ear but the roar of the wind was to
strong. So with urgent gestures he showed him how to extract the
tomato vines from the edge of the towers and wrap it into a rudimentary
safety harness.

Calmly and quietly Gustaffsen stood in eye of the storm, his hair being
gently tossed in a light breeze. As his compatriots were clinging
to the vines for dear life the old grump ran around like a child
happily chattering to himself, once more throwing switches, flipping
panels and pressing buttons. At one point he even removed a small
conductor’s baton, blonde wig and green pointed hat from a cupboard and
whilst wearing the wig and hat seems to conduct a few short tunes in
the wind; it seemingly having some form of directing effect upon the

Soon the eye of the storms grew to encompass the whole of the
tower. Below in the courtyard it was complete bedlam, with
anything that wasn’t nailed down, and something that were, flying about
and crashing into things. Suddenly a wooden house appeared in the
sky out the top of the tornado; as it flew over castle Poppy a young
girl in a blue dress clutching tightly to a small dog tumbled out one
of the windows. As she fell the winds buffeted them and tossed
them around like straw, then from out of nowhere a passing witch who
had been swept up into the winds crashed into her and knocked the small
dog from her grasp. As the witch steadied her flight and headed
off back towards the distant forests the young girl and the little dog
continued their fall towards the courtyard…

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Black hair whipping and lashing in the strong wind, Hugh clutched to
the safety harness, mentally noting that they would make an excellent
garnish to a starter, perhaps weaving them into a bowl for a nice

He bellowed across at RuncibleSpoon who seemed to be equally at a loss for anything to do.

"I say, any idea when the tuba part's over? It's a bit blowy, wot?"


Back on the tower the mighty chefs words billowed out into the wind
lost in the roaring gale. Across the roof Gustaffsen once
more donned the wig and hat and danced over toward the first of the
Puffball mushrooms, now at least a meter in diameter and looking ready
to burst. Taking a deep breath the great scientist moved his
conductors baton to signal triple time and three whirling funnels or
wind descended from the raging crashing whirlwind above and centred
above each of the mushrooms.

As lightning flashed in the sky and thunder rumbled its way across the
castle the great Scientist carefully reached out and gently tapped the
bulging mushroom. Suddenly with a audible Pfft noise a misty
cloud rose from the mushroom. Even as the spore cloud shot up the
small funnel to be spread far and wide from the top of the great
twister the mushroom began to collapse in on itself. Chuckling to
himself Gustaffsen practically danced his way towards the next mushroom
where he quickly repeated the process; once more sending forth a great
cloud to dissipate onto the air currents. Finally he stepped up
to the biggest mushroom room of all, its straining girth greater than
either of the two precious fungi. With a sure and steady
Gustafssen reached his baton towards the sprouting body, its flesh
rumbling and quavering with pent up tension. As the tip of the
baton made contact the world seamed to pause, the wind quietened,
everything seemed to be suspended in midair, it was as if the whole of
Fairy was waiting for something…


…And then the mushroom burst. Not with the loud pfft’s of the
previous two but with a roaring boom that shattered window glass
throughout the castle and deafening those exposed to it. As the
spores rushed outwards from the gigantic mushroom the cackling
Gustafssen was thrown clear of the tower; as they cleared the top of
the tower Hugh and the technician’s clutched air their harness vines
for dear life. Then with a loud organic snap one of the vines
gave way and Hugh was thrown over the tower edge where the unfortunate
chef was pulled up into the whirling maelstrom that was the twister…


…As she fell the young girl in the blue dress was desperately trying
once more to grab hold of her little dog when what looked like a
manically grinning old man shot out of nowhere and collided with it and
carried it off out of her sight. Letting out a cry of petulant
rage and frustrations she looked after her swiftly departing pet; so
much was her attention focussed on her loss that she completely failed
to notice the hard cobbled courtyard that she was fast
approaching. Luckily for the young girl the courtyard wasn’t so
easily distracted from its current predicament and reminded her of its
presence by halting her freefall in a very short, hard and almost
terminal manner…


...Hugh twisted and tumbled through the air, occasionally objects would
loom out of the haze of flying leaves and dust and bounce off of him
before carrying on their way. Round and round he went, ever
higher and ever faster. ‘This,’ he thought ‘must be what the
meringue feels like.’ And then the world about him began to thin and
stretch and with a sudden pop he crossed the boarder...


…Smoke rose from the crater as the fairies of castle Poppy gingerly
approached it. They had an idea of what was at the bottom of the
hole as it had left many Gustafssen shaped holes in the walls as it
passed through several of the towers, the main hall and many corridors
and reception rooms before finally coming to its resting place buried
deep in the castles wine cellars. And this knowledge of who might
be at the bottom of the hole only increased their anxiety. After
a whispered discussion a servant was bullied into looking over the edge
as all the others dived behind what ever they could find. As he
reluctantly looked into the hole the young fairy could just make out
the slightly charred and smoking form of Gustafssen frantically
scribbling away at his note pad and muttering to himself.

“Fantastic! Almost exactly too plan.” Then looking up at
the white faced servant he said, “Gutten Tag. Would you perhaps
have a rope or a ladder with you?” And then rummaging around
behind him he pulled out a small squashed mess that once might have
been a dog. “Und do you know who’s this is? It appears to
have softened my fall but I don’t know what it might be. Do you
know if we have a giant rat problem?”

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free to take it from there. Was talking to mark and we decided
Hugh’s going to land in Disneyland somewhere.
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"A giant rat problem?" asked the servant. "I'm sure we don't Hugh
would have... Um, incidentally, Sir, was that Hugh that, er, shot
up into the sky at high velocity?"

He paused for a moment.

"Right, I probably shouldn't have asked."

Turning to someone Gustafssen couldn't see, the servant called
out. "Jethro! Go and fetch a ladder for Mister Gustafssen!"

After a few moments, the man who presumably was Jethro returned, and lowered a ladder down into the hole.


Gustafssen climbed out of the still smoking crater, his hair was
singed, his lab coat damaged almost beyond repair with a soggy redish
patch on its back and his skin had taken on a dirty Smokey charred look
to it, but his enthusiasm hadn’t been dented on bit. “Danke mein
Freund. Would you be so kind as to take this Gequetschte
Ratte-Sache to the cold storage units so as I can dissect it
later. If there is an infestation if is most vital we find some
way to combat it quickly.”

Then somewhat steadily Fairy’s greatest scientist made his way, with
only a slight stagger, towards his laboratory to inspect the results of
his latest experiments.


Back in the lab, Gustafssen had barely arrived when the doors behind
him burst open with the force generated by a high-velocity ballistic

"Good-morning-Mister-Gustafssen!" she blurted.


Without even turning round Gustafssen, “Yes, yes my dear.
RuncibleSpoon! Do show the young lady where they are
stored.” Indicating the general direction with an absentminded
wave of the hand.

Runciblespoon gently took the hyperactive maid by the arm and walked
her towards one of the equipment storage bays. “Now what you want to
remember is that a lot of this equipment is highly technical and that
Mister Guastafssen is a Knocker. So any strange and peculiar side
effects are probably quite normal, and generally rarely fatal…”
After a slight pause he continued, “If you run very fast in the
opposite direction.”

Reaching the indicated locker he typed in his identification code,
scanned his eyes, and gently fed a small carrot into the key
hole. Then with the sound of contented crunching the door swung
neatly open. Inside the locker there were racks and racks of what
appeared to be colanders attached to large technical backpacks,
complete with large shiny knobs, lights just begging to start flashing
and a small wheel, by long multicoloured cables. “Now all you
need to do is place the colander over the head of the sleeper and the
conductive cranial cabbage lining will do the extraction process.
It’s actually quite simple really once you’ve read the training manual
that is.” As he said this he indicated the stack of what the maid
had previously taken to be breezeblocks piled neatly next to the
locker. “It’s mostly a collection of recipes for soup that
occurred to him whilst writing the manual, but he refuses to edit it
down further and we simply haven’t had the time ourselves. The
only problem being that the instructions are mixed in with the various
recipe methods. So you might be reading about how you carefully
blend down the broccoli with cream and the next step informs you of the
consequences of over stimulation of the human brain.”


"Oh-right-then-I'll-be-very-careful!" announced the maid. She
glowed red for a second, then proceeded to pick up the arcane vegetable
extravaganza in one hand and the manuals in the other.

"Thank you, Mister Spoon," she said. It was only after she'd
tottered out of the room, balancing the technology precariously, that
those present finally noticed that she was speaking and acting at
normal speed again...


Looking after the strange young woman, Runciblespoon muttered to
himself, “I do hope she doesn’t do anything silly with it, the HHDP is
a bit of a handful and heaven help her should she use it in the
castle. Perhaps I should have mentioned that to her.” Then
he turned away and headed back to his work bench. As he walked he
said as if in an after thought “Well it’s all in the manual…”

… Back in his lab once more Gustafssen was having a conversation with himself.

“Well we have the V-Team in place, and the Spores should be sprouting to life within the hour. Now What have I missed?”

The sound of a pencil scribbling over paper rose from the bench in front of him.

“True, true. I will have What ever his name is run a full
diagnostic of the OTC control unit. But I swear there was
something else…”

Once more the sounds of scibbling filled the room.

“Mein Got! You are right Mein unglaublich intelligenter und
wundervoll scharfsinniger Freund! Yes you are right we need a
super secret spy, a master of disguise and a cowboy secret space
detective super private eye.”

Once more the pencil scribbles, the final full stop pressed so hard as to break the the pencils lead.

“Yes, our carbohydrate-laden friend. He's just the man! though he's not even really a man.”

OOC: More to come later.

[Private to GM:
1) Humane Human Dream Pump
2) Orbital Tomato Cannon
3) My incredibly intelligent and wonderfully ingenious friend.


And with that he was off. His journey took him into the very
bowls of the Laboratory, passed the vaults of dreams, passed the
compost bins, deep where few dared to tread. Quietly and with
confidence Fairylands greatest scientist by passed security systems,
casually walked through death traps and waved enthusiastically at
creatures that who’s visage would destroy the sanity of even the
strongest minded individual. Finally he reached a darkened,
cobweb filled room.

As he entered the lighting turned on with a faint buzz and click, the
glowing gherkins humming from disuse. In the middle of the room
stood a Mark 6 thermo zeitlicher Lokalisierung Schlauch, it’s
cylindrical surface covered in a thick layer of dust and dirt.
Approaching the device Gustafssen reached out and wiped off a patch of
grime from the view port and looked in at the slowly roiling cloud of
gas contained within. Moving over to the control mechanism he
picked up the key pad and started to press numbers whilst muttering to
himself, “Mothers birthday, house number of first girlfriend, project
code for the Manhattan project…”

Suddenly with a loud metallic thunk and a hiss of excaping gas the tube
hatch slid open. Slowly as the gas and dust cloud cleared
Gustafssen eyed one of his greatest and most feared creations and he

Das Ubertuber once more walked the realms of fairy…

[Private to GM:
OOC: 1 ) Thermo temporal isolation tube


Whilst addressing the figure still partially concealed within the gas,
dust and shadows the scientist sounded almost sane, “Welcome back mein
st‰rkehaltiger Freund. Your skills are once more needed, and this
time the very nature of our realm hangs in the balance. We’re
glad to see your spell in the deep freeze has preserved you well. In
fact we’d swear that you have gained an eighth of and inch or
two. We have taken the liberty of uploading the details of your
mission into the computer of you MPHmobile, the wake up pulse has been
sent to your base of operations and it will be once more up and
functioning by the time you arrive. If you have any questions you
know how to contact us.”

Looking up at its master and creator Das Ubertuber nodded its
understanding and turned and headed towards one of the stone walls
where a section swung open to reveal a long dark corridor about ten
inches high by ten inches wide. Turning back to Gustafssen he
winked and gave a thumbs up sign before heading off into the darkness.

As the small stone door swung shut gustafssen said to himselves, “Now
let us go get some soup and wait for the information to start coming
in.” before turning and heading back towards the laboratory

A short while later by the walled paddock known to the residents of
Castle Poppy as the Vegetable Garden and its more apt name of ‘Certain
Death’ section of the rockery slowly moved aside to reveal a secret
garage. And curious pack of spring onions snuffling about near
the entrance way were the only thing to take any notice as the Mr
Potato Headmobile roared up the ramp and out towards Das Ubertuber’s
super secret lair.

OOC: There we go that's all of it :)


Striding into the dusty halls of his Super Secret Lair Das Uber Tuber
punches the giant green button labled 'On' and within moments the whole
place is buzzing with the sound of computers and technology. As
systems start to run their dyagnostic programs he inserts a nutricious
salad into fuel system before prepairing for his mission...

... Soon enough all is ready, his bags are packed and he's ready to go,
the Mr Potatoe Headmobile waiting outside the door. And then he's
off to schmoose his way around fairy and investigate this new third
party. Rooting up turning over as many of their agents as he
can. A tubers got to do whata tuber's got to do!


Returning to the main sections of his laboratory Gustaffsen retires to
his study and avidly watches the Liquid Carrot Display screens as the
information from his fungusses starts rolling in.

[Private to Storyteller:
OOC: Righty, Das uber tuber is off to investigate and find agents, capture, interogate and if neccessary kill them.

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