In Love and War: Stuff Characters Know

This page briefly details things that the characters have discovered in the game so far. Things in this list are well-known enough that all the characters can sensibly know them - more specific or private information is only available from characters' individual threads.

House Poppy

House Poppy have returned to their lands, and life has resumed pretty much as it was before the war took their country from them. They celebrated their return by throwing a party for the entire of the Red Rose alliance, which seems to have passed without any vast political repercussions despite a few unexpected incidents.

House Honeysuckle

As the highest-ranking remaining member of House Honeysuckle, Ilandra has given in and accepted the role of Duchess. She is expected to take Cain, currently Crown Prince of House Poppy, as her Duke. Their last known whereabouts was at the former Castle Hyacinth, where they were involved with the assassination of the Duke.

House Hyacinth

Duke Hyacinth having been assassinated while leaving no heirs, House Hyacinth is no more. With the transfer of Hyacinth's ring to the somewhat clawed finger of Nyano, the former Hyacinth land is now under Poppy control, administered by Nyano with advice from his father Serendil and peasant representative Jebodiah.

Hyacinth kingdom borders Poppy in the south-east and Buttercup in the south, and it is mostly a hilly and rocky place. The central region consists of a wide bowl-like valley, carpeted with poppy flowers. At the centre of the bowl stands a turreted marble castle, from which fly the red banners of House Poppy. A wall surrounds the castle, outside of which is a small town.

Wheat Down Village

Located in former Hyacinth lands not far from what was once the Poppy border, the village of Wheat Down rejected the dubious sovereignty of Duke Hyacinth since one army or the other ransacked the area some weeks previously. Village chief Jebodiah, a common man who at one point sported curiously golden eyes, sought to turn the village and from there the entirety of Hyacinth kingdom into an autonomous collective. Lacking in equipment and human survivors, and having lost their crops, the villagers are not quite so confident in their chances of survival as is their leader.

With Hyacinth's assassination and House Poppy now ruling the land, with Jebodiah as an advisor, it remains to be seen how keen the man still is on his vision of a peasant-run country.

The Queen's Land

Both King and Queen of Fairyland have their own castles, and the area that surrounds them is almost sacred. No House has ever laid claim to these areas, and doing so would be a massive breach of protocol.

The Queen's land in particular is known to be cold and wintry, and has some kind of defences against entry. Most worrying, however, is that Gustaffsen's spies have revealed that the Black Rose Committee's headquarters are somehow based there.

Albert and "Indigo Something"

A subject about which the facts are still very much obscured. Currently it seems that Albert, a faun who lived with his family near Wheat Down, was blackmailed into poisoning the Poppies' party guests by a man known only as "Indigo Something". However, somewhere along the way (presumably without the knowledge of Albert or Indigo) the poison was switched for the slightly less harmful Marmite. Albert is currently held at the pleasure of Duchess Poppy, whilst Indigo's whereabouts are unknown.

The Potato Legions

Gustafssen, House Poppy's resident mad scientist, returned home with his House to discover that some of his experiments - a range of sentient and mobile vegetables - had advanced quite significantly in his absence. Rather than being confined to Gustafssen's lab, they had developed their own military organisation and taken over the castle. After several hours of effort, the potatoes made a last attempt at fending off their former master by using his own weather control device. However, after discovering that the device altered the weather to 'cloudy with sunny spells', they appear to have given up their quest for independence.

The Black Rose Committee

This sinister-seeming organisation is somehow heavily connected with the war. Elaine, an agent of the Committee, visited House Poppy at their homecoming party and attempted to convince them to withdraw from the war and rely on the Black Rose for their protection from both White and Red sides. Rumours abound that the Committee do possess considerable force, but only a few houses are confirmed to have quit the war at the request of the Black Roses.

The Committee present their option as the only way to stop the war that would otherwise continue until all of Arcadia is ruined, and claim that a substantial number of houses have defected.

Elaine left the party under the condition that Regara seriously considers the offer. Regara's opinion has not yet been made known.

The Committee's headquarters, as far as Gustafssen's devices have been able to ascertain, takes the form of a large and boding black tower, located worryingly in the area of land traditionally set aside only for the Queen's castle.


Against all logical reason, Castle Poppy seems to have some curious relationship with Cinderella's Castle, Disneyland - although it may be the case that this human castle has something in common with all Faerie castles. At least two characters have so far ended up there, caused havoc, then returned rather quickly.

The World of Darkness

Because there are stories of creatures that suck humans' blood, there are faeries that do this. Whether anything else does this or not, you don't know.
Because there are stories of human-like creatures that become wolves under the light of a full moon, there are faeries that do this. With a Hearth Wisdom rank of 4 or above, you can have heard tales of Werewolves visiting Arcadia. They are a very rare sight.
Human mages undeniably exist. With any of Hearth Wisdom 2, Human Contact 4, Occult 2 or just by having known one (Serin of House Poppy for example) you can know about them. Higher ranks mean you may know more about them than simply that they exist.
The Technocracy is almost indistinguishable from the background banality of the human world. With Human Contact 5 and a mage contact, you may know about them.

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