Pillow Talk

This is an in-character game thread from Changeling: In Love and War. (This page is not Creative Commons licenced.)


Ilandra looked around the main hall, to see if she could find Cain. He
wasn't there. She went out in to the corridor, he wasn't there either.
She walked back into the room, picked up an untouched bottle of irish
cream and went off in search of her fiancee...

She eventually found him in his room, staring at the ceiling. She
walked over and kissed him, wondering if married life would be the
same. Then putting the irish cream down, morphed into a cat and took
position on his chest.


Cain, deep in thought, idly scratched Ilandra behind the ears.


After a minute or so of contented purring, Ilandra dug her claws in and
jumped off Cain's chest. She noticed the clothes she'd been wearing had
been discarded and moved towards his fluffy dressing gown. She morphed
back from cat form and put it on.

"Penny for them?" she asked him. Then lay down on the bed next to him,
her head resting on his shoulder. "or at least, I'll tell you what I'm
thinking if you tell me what you're thinking..."

She sighed and waited for his response.


"Not much," murmured Cain. "Just... the past, and the future; the
Poppies and us... About how much we missed whilst we were on the
road, and about how much we're going to miss the road now we're back."


Ilandra raised her head and looked at him properly.

"Well, I promised you my thoughts, but you can't run away if you don't
like them, ok?" she told him, he nodded. "I was wondering if it would
be possible to get away with running away with you, just leave our
houses behind for a while and get to know each other better. Also, I'm
a little scared of what your mother would have planned for our wedding
so a part of me wants to elope so we have more control over the wedding
than anyone else." she propped herself up on her elbow and stroked his
cheek. "I've always loved you, so now that I know you feel the same, I
want to make sure you can't be taken away. My house is neutral, but
I've been making sure you were prioritised. It'd be nice to just let
the rest of the world get on with it and pick them up where necessary.
So you could say we took your side." she smiled weakly, waiting to see
if he was going to try and run away.


Cain considered for a moment.

"Are you sure you're okay with that? You're a Duchess now, you
house needs you. What'll you do if something political kicks off?"


She thought for a bit, then having made her mind up she told him.

"Of course, I can leave Grizzel and Catkin in charge, they've done a
good job of looking after my house while I was grieving and mooching
around here... Also, now that Akane's back, we could leave her a letter
explaining that she's temporarily in charge. While I understand my
responsibilities, I also want the freedom to be young for once. You're
lucky, you didn't have to see your entire family wiped out and make the
passing easier for them." she looked away for a second to blink away
the tears and negative emotions. "My house has needed a Duchess for
years now, I'm sure a few more weeks or months won't hurt... it's not
like we'll never go back, right? And if something political kicks off
I'll return and sort it out." she hugged him, her eyes reflecting the
sadness she had been trying to rid herself of.


"Alright," said Cain, a smile creeping slowly across his face. "Why not?"

He walked across the room and picked up a heavy-looking bag.

"It's not as if I've had much time to unpack yet," he said by way of
explanation. "Come on, let's go to your room and pick up some
clothes and things for you."


"I don't have that much here... I didn't think you'd come after me..."
she explained. "I have a dress, and some shoes." Her face lit up as an
idea dawned on her. "I still have my bag." she fished under his bed and
pulled out what was at first sight an unremarkable bag. "I have four
changes of clothes in here, it'll do... I can always borrow a shirt if
I need to, right?"

They set off down the hallway, pausing for a second for Ilandra to poke
her head into Abel's room and call out "Right, we're going home now,
see ya tomorrow Akane!"

She looked at Cain, grabbed his hand and told him, "Now run, before she realises what we're doing!"

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