The Devils of the Night Garden

Here follows an account of the dreadful Denizens of the Night Garden, as compiled by Professor Theodore F. Pontipine, the only man known to have witnessed dusk in the Night Garden and survived.

Iggle Piggle, the Outsider

The amorphous blue devil known as "Iggle Piggle" is as mysterious as he is terrifying. He heralds from over the Great Seas of Night, the other side of which no mere mortals have ever seen. And yet he may have some greater connection to the Garden than modern occultists believe, for both the Ninky-Nonk and the Pinky-Ponk may be summoned only by use of the Outsider's name as a word of power.

At all times he carries with him a blanket, rumoured to be soaked in the blood of human young.

Upsy Daisy, the Tentacled One

Upsy Daisy leads the denizens of the garden into battle when the need arises. She shrieks and unearthly cry as she rides to war atop her chariot, which acts almost as if it were a living being itself. As she charges, her tentacle-like hair lengthens and whips out to every side, slicing and dicing her opponents until little is left but a pile of bloodied chunks.

No-one has faced her in combat and lived to tell the tale.

Makka-Pakka, the Scourer of Souls

This Earth spirit's diminutive size hides a terrifying power. Makka Pakka's purpose is to clean, and clean he does. With sponge and soap he scours all sins from the souls of mortals who dare approach. With each sin cleaned his victims get weaker and weaker, while Makka Pakka itself becomes stronger, taking the sins into itself and becoming a terrifying vision.

His tricycle is powered by the tears of babies.

The Tombliboos: Unn, the Creator; Ooo, the Preserver; Eee, the Destroyer

The three Tombliboos form a trinity of dark power, twisted forms of the Hindu trinity of Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva. Unn and Ooo have not been known to use their powers in the last hundred years, but they are feared as the greatest powers in the Night Garden. The myth goes that Eee has not yet acquired her full powers, but when she does, the Garden will be plunged into a darkness that will last a thousand lifetimes.

The Haa-Hoos, Elder Gods of the Gardens

These creatures, if that is indeed what they are, are sufficiently beyond the imagination of mere mortals that one can be driven mad by mere contemplation of them. They are vast, mindless, empty voids of infinity and eternity. No more shall be said about them, for I value my sanity and the sanctity of my soul.

The Wottingers

Who is it that lives next door? Who are they, what are they, but demonic shadows of ourselves? Created by who, for what purpose? They are our negation, our antithesis. If there is anything to be scared of, revolted by, traumatised by the mere existence of, in the whole of the garden, it is they.

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