The Mystery Machine

This is an in-character game thread from Changeling: In Love and War. (This page is not Creative Commons licenced.)


Darkness closed in over the Poppy kingdom, but the effect was all but lost in the faintly candle-lit confines of the Bat Chicken Raccoon Cave. Down in the bowels of Castle Poppy Nyano paced back
and forth, occasionally stopping to stare up at the bulk of the Dream
Extractor. The manuals for the thing were scattered around the
place, with occasional pages of seemingly greater relevance pinned up
about the walls.

One page in particular posed an issue for Nyano, and this he held
between his paws as he paced. That soup was the fuel for this
particular device was obvious, but this page consisted almost entirely
of a mammoth formula by which one calculated the broccoli-to-cream
ratio. Too little, and the victi- er, target's brain would be
reduced to the consistency of cream. Too much and, according to
the calculations... A race of broccoli-based super-beings would
take over the world!


I wish Hugh was here, he understands soup. Thought Nyano as he paced.

Eventually he decided to stop worrying. He knew the man to ask, he made
a motion to one of grim faced men the men who were busily having
a thousand yard stare competition with the equally grim faced chickens
that lurked in the corners of the cave.

Nyano muttered a few words in the man's ear, and then sat down to wait.

In less than ten minutes the man returned, bundling in front of him a
shorter man whose face was covered by a black bag with a zip down the

Once the bag was removed, it turned out to be Gustaffson's assistant Heisenburg.

Nyano tried not to be too disturbed by the look in the man's eyes as he passed him the sheet of paper.

"Explain this for me would you?"


The confused lackey blinked for a moment, clearly he was expecting a more threatening demand from his erstwhile captor.

Then he glanced down at the paperwork and easily deduced the answer to the question.

He directed Nyano's eyes down to three little letters at the bottom of the page.


Overleaf was the simple result to the equation. You needed 2pi parts brocolli to 10 parts cream.

Nyano let out a sigh of relief at no longer carrying the weight of
being the sole person capable of defending Faerie from the depredations
of the superenhanced broccoli people.

It was at this point that Mr Chicken stepped over, appearing out of the
shadows like some harbinger of an apocalypse of insanity.

"Cluck, Master Nyano, there is a cluck messenger for waiting for you. I
cluck, found him in the Maze of Atria, I don't know how long he's been

Nyano thrusts the paperwork at Mr chicken with one hand, whilst simultaneously waving at Heisenburg with the other.

"Could you take care of this for me? The machine is supposed to be used
to pay the bill Herr Gusstaffsen gave us. I think that guy knows how it

Then he headed for the exit as quickly as he could, his men filing in behind him.

It didn't take him long to find the messenger amongst the myriad marble
pillars and coloured water pipes that filled the Maze of Atria, the
poor man had made himself a base camp at the point where an series of
pillars had collapsed against an indigo water fountain.

By the state of the fire pit and washing line, he'd been here some time.

When Nyano approached, he could see the young man packing up his things.
"Are you Nyano-Sgiathatch? The pooka said you'd be along soon to get me out of here."

Nyano smiled at him.
"You've got a message for me?"

The messenger's face fell.
"You're not going to like it. Can you get me out of here before I give it to you?"

The raccoon looked worried for a moment, but decided that in the end it didn't matter.

"You're in luck, I've never been lost in my life. We'll be out of here in a jiffy."

Nyano marched off in a random direction with a glint in his eye, the poor messenger stumbling after him.

It didn't take them long to locate a Jiffy, which is a bit like a sedan
chair, but carried by little pink unicorns, and the party climbed

Then Nyano leaned over the edge and declared
"To the great hall!"

The Jiffy was only too keen to comply, and soon they were moving at quite a clip.

Along the way, Nyano turned to the messenger and asked. With eyes suddenly turned serious.

"So what is the message?"

"It's about your father."
The raccoon clutched the velvet cushion he was sat in so hard that his fingers began to ache.

"What about my father?"

"Rumour has it, that a raccoon matching his description was seen by a
servant in the court of duke Hyacynth's palace, I don't know any more."

So it was, that later that night one lonely Raccoon headed out into the
night, his worldly possessions tied in a large polka-dotted
handkerchief on the end of his spear. Heading towards Hyacynth kingdom,
and a destiny that he didn't even begin to understand.

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