To the Bat-Chicken-Raccoon-Cave!

This is an in-character game thread from Changeling: In Love and War. (This page is not Creative Commons licenced.)


Once he made it to the corridor he ducked behind a nearby tapestry and
into a small alcove. A second worth of scrabbling along the bottom of
the wall lead his fingers to a small button marked with the footprint
of a rooster.

Silently, the centre section of the alcove slid open revealing a shaft
decending into darkness with a single metal pole rising out of it's
centre. A lightly glowing set of runes on the far wall marked out the
words "To the Chicken-cave!"

Nyano gulped once, and then jumped across the gulf to grab hold of the
pole. He slid down it with all the grace of a rat in a drainpipe and
landed with a thump in the big barrel of feathers at the bottom.

There was a slight problem with this barrel of feathers, it had been
designed to stop the fall of faeries who had a foot or so more height
than the intrepid raccoon. So for a few terrible moments he Nyano found
himself drowning in feathers.

Coughing and spulttering he emerged from the top of the barrel and
rolled himself over the side. He found himself looking out across a
cavern darkened by ominous clouds of smoke. The tiny pools of light
cast by the wooden torches set irregularly into the walls served only
to draw attention to the darkness that filled the rest of the room.

The darkness itself was not just the absense of light, perhaps once it
had been just an ordinary gloom, but centuries of existence sealed away
from any source of joy or happiness had changed it. Now it was a thing
alive, it squatted here in jealous of any intusion from the outside.

The darkness was not the most horrific thing in the place though. That
dubious pleasure belonged to the sounds. Perhaps it was awoken by the
Raccoon's undignified arrival or perhaps it was always like this but
there was an ungodly clucking echoing from every corner of the cave.
The sound reverberated around the caverns, its pitch and timbre utterly
unlike anything made by mortal mouths. Even the darkness seemed afraid
of it, and the light recoiled away from the places that the sounds
seemed loudest.

From out of this terrible cacophony strode a familliar figure but one
who looked much more savage in this abhorrent light. The slight bend in
his back and the oddness of his gait throwing monsterous shadows across
the wall.

Nyano eyed the distance separating him from Mr Chicken, and decided to
stay where he was, instead of crossing the distance he focused his
attention on plucking the many stray feathers out of his fur.

Eventually the duchess' retainer came over to him, and looked down at the raccoon. "To what cluck do I owe this cluck pleasure?"

"We have a long night ahead of us, the duchess wants all a message to
get out to all of our spies. You are the only person who has the
capability to contact all of them, I need your help!"


"I'm not sure it cluck need necessarily be such a cluck long night, my
cluck Lord," said Mister Chicken, his head bobbing characteristically
low. "Our long cluck absence has meant that our cluck spies and
those who pass messages cluck to them have had no-cluck-one to report
to, and cluck thus have been cluck rather less detectable than is cluck
normal. The cluck majority of them have cluck survived, and all
our intermediaries are still cluck cluck operational. It should
not be cluck difficult at all to contact everyone cluck."

That said, the servant moved deeper into the recesses of the cave, and
began producing odd clunking noises from what looked like an expansive
array of wooden levers.


Nyano hurried over to the contraption and checked to see that he
was ready to recieve the communication. Once Mr Chicken nodded his
assent, Nyano began his dictation.

"Our party was attacked by the servant of a man who identified himself
as Indigo CLUCK, I mean STOP. He has been described as having a noble
bearing, being tall with brown hair and with a stubbly chin CLUCK, I
mean STOP. He was last seen in Hyacinth province in the sometime in the
last few days STOP, I mean CLUCK. He is expected to go back there in
two days time in order to complete a deal at sunset CLUCK. Make
apprehending him your highest priority STOP. We need information on him
and his allies CLUCK. He is known to work with the peasantry and to use
poison STOP. He is to be considered highly dangerous STOP."

Nyano leaves a couple of seconds of silence to indicate he's finished the message, and then turns to Mr Chicken.

"Was that ok? I'm not very good at this sort of thing" he asks


"Perfectly fine," said Mister Chicken as he turned to Nyano and smiled,
"although cluck I think a couple of the cluck 'stop's may have been
meant to be cluck 'cluck's. Nevertheless, the messages will be on
their way shortly!"

Over towards the rear of the room, a set of wooden cogwheels span and
clicked, replacing a red sign that said "Receive" with a slightly more
faded one that bore the legend "Aubergine Mode".


Nyano smiles with relief at having his mission finished and waves goodbye to Mr Chicken.

He wastes no time in returning to the barrel of feathers, and it only
takes him a second to locate the handholds scratched into the wall of
the chute. A couple of minutes of easy climbing later finds him back at
the top of the wall and behind the tapestry.

Brushing himself off one final time, he heads back to the main hall to report to the duchess.

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