And so, the Bournemouth Meet did come to pass.

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Day One!

Woke up about 10, and caught a bus into town with Ant (GreenOpal) and Char, who’s staying at Ant’s house and arrived on Thursday night. We meant to go and pick up ER from the station straight away, but he was going to be late and we were early, so we wnt into town for a quick game of Pump, where we met some more Bournemouth people (but I can’t remember exactly who, now ^_^;;), before walking all the way up to the station, picking up ER, and walking all the way back.

More Pump, EZ2, obscenely-rip-off-EM2 and Flashbeats fun followed until about 5pm, where we walked up to the station again - by this time there were about a dozen of us - to meet Tasha, Jo and Stel as they arrived. Then back to town again, stopping for an extremely expensive but very nice meal in Subway.

After a few more games at the Pier and IMAX, we all headed to the bar at Megabowl to get some drinks. At about 8, Ant, Char, ER and I headed to the station again, to meet Lime. Fed up with all the walking, we got a taxi back to Ant’s house, where we whored Lime’s IIDX and Pop’n Music until the early hours…

A great day, and the fun’s only just beginning!