Noodles with Phi.

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Noodles with Phi. And Bee. And Angel, Char, Endless Rain, Fi, Flazh, Frieza, Fuse, GreenOpal, Jo, Kotori, OneCrazyMoFo, Roy, Rufus, Stel, Tasha, Tomoki, and Tyma.

Day Two!

THis meet keeps getting more and more awesome! Even more people here today, and much Pump, EZ2 and rip-off EM2 fun was had… we also went to Shakeaway \o/ which was awesome. I had a Chocolate Brownie and Blackcurrant one (cake in a cup, yum) but Lime wins for his choice of a Lime and Fuse milkshake (HOT!). I first met Fi and Roy there, and later on saw someone I didn’t know olaying Pump - who turned out to be Tomoki. So much meeting of new people all around!

At 5 we headed off (in three taxis) to the Thai restaurant, for possibly one of the nicest meals I’ve ever had - and also one of the funniest, although I guess Frieza’s right that we probably did annoy the staff quite a lot with our antics…

After that we went to the Wetherspoon’s across the road. No Weston’s cider there anymore it seems, but they now have Old Rosie instead! \o/ Anyway, it was pretty much an awesome evening all around! We got asked to keep the noise down twice, and Dom, Fi and Roy got exceedingly drunk - not necessarily a bad thing, in the end, as it resulted in something I never thought I’d see - Dom and Roy hugging ^_^;

Ant, Char, Lime, ER, MoFo and I walked (in the rain, super fun!) back to Ant’s house - singing random songs and telling jokes on the way - and then, guess what? Played IIDX until about 2am!