Another Passing Day

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I guess I was kind of caught off guard by the amount of sympathy I’ve recieved since that last post ^_^; I guess I’d be lying if I didn’t say that it helped a bit, so thank you everyone!

It turns out that I couldn’t get a doctor’s appointment for today, so I’m going tomorrow morning instead. Today I’ve been a bit better - there’s periods of a few hours at a time in which I feel pretty much normal, during which I’ve been mostly talking on the phone, feeling guilty that I feel well but aren’t at work, making a map for Dreaming Awake, and using the ‘net.

Success reports from the latter two:

Avalon Second Prototype Map

And, with about as many responses on either side of my MSN screen name “Please stop me from spending £56 on costume!”… I just spent £56 on costume. Oh well…