This Body Annoys Me

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Apologies if I keep this brief, sitting in a chair feels most undesirable at the moment.

Today marks the second day I’ve spent off work, and at this rate I’ll be doing likewise tomorrow as well.

I’ll explain the history to this one, in case it’s relevant. Around two months ago, I first got a kind of whining noise in my left ear, and I couldn’t hear all that well. Dismissing it as a temporary thing, I didn’t worry about it. Apparently that kind of thing can be due to problems with the eardrum which clear up on their own after a while.

A few weeks ago, I started to feel dizzy occasionally. Three weeks yesterday, I woke up dizzy and had to lie down for a while before starting my first say at work. Nerves, perhaps? I wasn’t sure. Anyway, by the time I got to work two and a half hours later, I was feeling fine. Apart from occasionally feeling briefly dizzy when making sharp head movements, I had no problems.

On Sunday afternoon I started feeling a bit unwell, but I went to Ant’s house anyway for the evening and felt fine while I was there. The problem really started on Monday morning.

I woke up a little dizzy, but didn’t worry. I barely finished my breakfast and felt a little sick, but it didn’t feel as bad as that first Monday so I headed to work anyway. Two hours later I was actually sick on the train, but I felt a bit better after that so I continued to work. Once there I was frequently feeling dizzy, was unable to oncentrate and kept almost falling asleep. I went back home, and slept most of the afternoon, evening and night in on-and-off bursts. I didn’t eat that day.

At 6am this morning (I’d set my alarm in case I felt normal again) I was still dizzy, so stayed in bed until 10. Today I’ve been mostly in bed (typing this is the longest period I’ve had out of bed, except for my few slices of toast for lunch). The way things are going I can’t see it being miraculously better by tomorrow, although I’m not at all sure what’s actually wrong. I might try and see a doctor tomorrow, but as my GP is in Southampton I’m not sure if I’ll be able to see one here. Also I don’t quite fancy the 30 minute walk to the doctor’s, since right now any pose other than lying on my right-hand-side makes me feel a bit ill…

I’m sorry for all that, I never meant for the post to be that long. I guess I shouldn’t really rant about my health here, but as I haven’t been able to post anything for a few days I thought I should at least let people k

now what’s going on… (My parents are on holiday abroad at the moment and it’s their Anniversary today, so I’m not letting them know about it otherwise they’d only worry and spoil their holiday.)