Aura and Adrenaline

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Well, despite only starting my revision three hours before the test, I got the highest mark that I’m aware of anyone getting, which is pretty good going ^_^; Also by lunchtime today I was feeling really rather good, and I got a lot of work out of the way, which means I’ve really got minimal amounts to do tonight or tomorrow morning.

Programming labs this afternoon were amusing as always, and I finished today’s work in about an hour while chatting on IRC and MSN and helping other people with their lab work at the same time. Speaking of MSN, one of the people I was chatting to (Ike) pasted me this as a sample of his Science schoolwork… This made me despair - is there really any point teaching people about Catastrophism? Do people still believe in it? o_O

Now remember what you learned in the previous module. Many catastrophists believe that the rocks you see in the geological record belong to four distinct groups. First, there are the rocks that are associated with God’s creation of the world. Many of the igneous and metamorphic rocks are the foundations of the earth that God initially formed. The sedimentary rocks that sit directly on top of tho-

…and that’s where it cut off. That may have been a good thing, in case it was about to suggest that sedimentary rock is the work of the devil or something ;;_;;