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That… that was strange.

Shortly after the last blog entry, I discovered that Steve, Matt, Ant, Travis and someone whose name I’ve now forgotten (sorry!) were out drinking in the Hog’s Head. I decide to go and join them, and realise they’ve been drinking for about 5 hours and are pissed as something very pissed indeed. After a while there we went to get food from Subway, and while we were there Travis fell over and kinda’ blacked out for a while, and meanwhile a tramp came in and tried to nick my half-eaten sandwich.

Once we’d finally gotten back to the flat, we spent about half an hour standing outside in the cold talking to some girls from (I think) flat 9. I’ve had it confirmed to me once again that people’s natural reaction is to think of me as a pet - which, to be honest, I guess I’m okay with ^_^; Also, for reasons I still don’t fully understand, I’m now in posession of a baseball cap signed by Timmy Mallet. Apparently I reminded one of the flat 9 people of someone, so she thought I should have this hat. Er… I don’t know whether I should be honoured or deeply embarassed…