Okay, so… weekend. I went back to bournemouth to see my parents, since I coudn’t see them actually on my birthday. I have much shiny stuff! I have a USB keyring flash disk, which is quite awesome, and also a new optical mouse which should stop me breaking normal mice. I have a shock legitimate copy of UT2k4, and a huge stack of CDRs that’ll let me reclaim some hard disk space from the hordes of anime. Also two new books (one of which I’m 3/4 of the way though already ^_^;) and some clothes. And money too!

We went out for a Chinese on Saturday, and went sailing on Sunday, so the weekend was really good and I didn’t really get bored.

Tonight, about half an hour after arriving back in Southampton, I went off to the Hobbit for the evening, which was pretty fun although we didn’t get to spend very long there.

Also, Flat 9 are beginning to worry me more and more ;;_;; I can’t leave or enter the building anymore without them shouting out my name and me going over to talk to them, it seems. I don’t know why it worries and kinda’ scares me - really, I don’t think it should do. I guess… because they’re unfamiliar people, and talking to all of them together is kinda’ intense…