Becoming More Like Kotarou

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So, my first day back in Southampton after the weekend.

I don’t feel great, I’m owrrying if the air in this room is at all healthy, or maybe something to do with sleeping with the computer on is bad for me…

Also, I got a letter this morning telling me I’d failed my room inspection - apparently my bathroom floor and shower curtain are at fault. Okay, what exactly is wrong with the shower curtain? Nothing I can see. And the floor is a fair cop - but for that I blame the fact that my shower leaks every time it’s used, and the appearance of a bloke from an electric company the other day who seemed to do nothing actually useful except shower every horizontal surface in my bathroom with grey plaster. And now I have to fix all of this by Friday, else they charge me.

Today I finally got my exam timetables. That’s a relief I suppose - but the exams are looming horribly close now… it also doesn’t help that one of them is held in Stoneham dining hall, which I don’t even know where it is (apart from, presumably, that it’s in or near Stoneham).

And… for the same strange and completely incomprehensible reason as always,Flat 9’s presence irritates me… I have absolutely no idea why…

To round everything off, I have a lot of work to do this week, and I’ve already (deliberately) slept through today’s lecture.

Bleh… what is wrong with me…?