Basic Food Hygeine for Flat 4, Gateley Hall

  1. Raw chicken is a bad thing. When you have stuff that’s been in contact with raw chicken, washing it up would be a good thing. Leaving it lying around clean stuff on the draining board is not good!
  2. When milk smells vile and letteuce has gone brown, and both had Use By dates weeks ago, it might be a good idea to throw them out. Keeping them in the fridge for some unexplained reason is a bad idea.
  3. When a tea-towel gets dropped on the floor, it is dirty. Keeping it around and drying stuff with it is no longer a good idea. Tea-towels should also be washed occasionally, yes?
  4. When the floor sticks to your feet, something is wrong. Everyone else must realise what a mop is for, how come I’m pretty much the only one to ever use it?

Rant over. Sorry ^_^