Catching up again...

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Sorry I haven’t posted anything for a while. Okay, at the moment:

I’m not feeling too well. No idea why, I was fine when I woke up this morning. I was feeling light-headed all through my tutorial, so I decided that food and coffee would be good. But eating made me feel worse… It’s kinda’ dawned on me that the fact that I haven’t eaten anything except cheese sandwiches, chocolate and sweets since Monday evening may be a bad thing.

I now haven’t seen or heard from anyone in Flat 9 for four days, and one of their posters has disappeared from the window. Seems like a good thing, although for some reason I feel a little bad about it…

Unreal Tournament 2004 is awesome, and has been the number one cause of me getting no work done this week. Online play works from computers on the halls network here, so there’s much fun to be had. Also, the new Computer Games society here want to organise UT2k4 matches over the LAN, which is a good thing. They’re also holding what looks like being a Soul Calibur 2 tournament next Thursday, which I shall attend and hope to own people at. I hope it’s the Gamecube version ^_^

Ninja Scroll is shite (IMHO). I just about prefer it to Fist of the North Star, so it’s not my least favourite anime ever, but it’s close.

Andrew bought me an inflatable rubber hammer for my birthday! It’s already been used many times, mostly on him… I also probably got some odd looks using it in the Union bar yesterday after Animesoc.

My room inspection is tomorrow, which is quite scary. My room currently reeks of bleach, since I’ve got my shower curtain soaking in it. Although to be fair, it still smells better than my Asda Smartprice spray freshener thing.

And finally, the doom. I have so much work to do by tomorrow. Thankfully though, it doesn’t seem to be all that hard… if only I could get over feeling ill, I might get a fair bit of work done today.