Bournemouth Meet Organisation Thread

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Attention Soton Kiddies
and those generally close to Bournemouth!

This is the Ultimate
Bournemouth Meet Organisation Thread
of Ultimate Destiny!
Not affiliated with any orgies, destinial or otherwise.

Three days of sun, sea, sand, and suffering*, in the wondrous seaside destination that is rainy sunny Bournemouth!  There'll be poi and staff fun, barbecues on the beach, fireworks, food, booze, and other good things!

* optional

Eric's and my flat in Bournemouth.  This Google Map route should show you the way from the station, if you haven't been before, and this one should get you the last few hundred metres by car.

The last weekend in July, that's Friday 27th to Sunday 29th.  Coming and going pretty much any time during those three days is fine!

Car parking could be an issue - technically, cars can't stay parked in the visitors section for the *entirety* of Saturday.  I can redirect you to a nearby place to park for a while if you don't feel lucky.  Also, we should only really take up one visitor's space, so if you can work it out so that only one car turns up that'd be awesome.  We're only 15 minutes' walk from the station!

Soton kiddies and anyone around the Bournemouth area.  Overnight arrangements are going to be the trickiest - our flat can sleep maybe 5 in some degree of comfort (if you find the floor comfortable) or up to 12 if you're really friendly and don't mind sleeping in the bedroom or hallway.  We have two sleeping bags and a duvet we can lend out, but after that you're on your own.

Please reserve your luxury 6-foot by 3-foot floor space in the comments!

Ian (All), Eric (All), Mark (Sat-Sun), Chantelle (Sat-Sun), Ali (Sat), Nick Irish (Sat), Rhiannon (Sat), Andy (Sat), Sam (Sat-Sun), Nick Hayes (Sat-Sun), Mikael (Sat-Sun), Gemma (Sat-Sun), Hugo (Sat-Sun), Donna (All), Racheet (All)

Because I've been promising this for at least two years now.  As we finally have our own (rented) place here, it seems like a good time!

Beach stuff for swimming / sunbathing / hiding from the sun in, sun cream, clothes, money for food/booze.  (Special considerations for the British seaside: Umbrella, waterproofs, longjohns, wetsuit, hazmat suit.)

I have no idea how many people are going to want to come, compared to the number of people we can host.  So, to make sure I'm keeping tr ack of everyone, all the organisation is being done here.  Please pass the link on to any of the Sotongrad lot who don't check here regularly!

If you want to come, please comment here!

Also fire away with any questions you have.  Gogogogo!