There were lots of us - over a dozen, at least - walking in the woods, when we chanced across a clearing where a lady was brushing leaves away in a big circle.  She told us not to step in the circle, so we didn’t, but we waited to see what she was doing.  It looked like she was clearing up after something, and when she’d finished she came to talk to us.  Eric and I told her about being expectant parents, and she gave us some kind of blessing, then we chatted some more and all went home together.

Home was a massive place with a conservatory-like room maybe three times the size of our current flat.  Everyone was milling around, chatting and eating, and people at one end of the room started talking about magic.  More and more people drifted towards that conversation.  Then we all spread out around the room, and the lady who had been sweeping leaves smiled, and then there were lots of faeries in the room, singing and dancing, so we joined in!

Also, there were a number of magpies significantly greater than seven.