I’ve just come back from a weekend at home for my mum’s birthday… it was kinda’ boring there, but kinda’ good also… it’s good to be relaxed occasionally.

Housing was discussed, and it looks like I might be back in the housing market again… Of course I still want to live in SOuthampton rather than Bournemouth, but the whole housing thing is beginning to annoy me hugely now… And tomorrow, I’ve got to go and beg James, John, Richard and the others to let me into their group, I guess, since they’re the only people I know still looking…

Also, electronic things are hating me at the moment. One Palm, one phone and one MP3 player, all not currently working. Bleh.

On the plus side, Dom has returned to #ddrfuk, and already the kicking has begun ^_^ It’s good that he’s finally back, though.