And today, things are finally looking up! I got a lot more work done today than I’d normally do, and also it wooks like the Southampton Uni Anime Soc is finally getting underway, as we now have the required 25 members!

Today’s also Vicky’s birthday, so we’ve been partying all evening so far! We’ve had a Chinese take-away, Matt made a birthday cake, and we’ve had cocktails… and in a minute we’re going out to Academy!

Just to get the annoying stuff off my chest, I’m severely over-spending, I still haven’t got my mum a birthday present yet, and I’m going back to see her tomorrow afternoon for the weekend so I really need to hurry up, and I can’t stay out late tonight because I have a 9am lecture tomorrow, which I annoyingly can’t miss…

But anyway, that’s way too much of the annoying stuff… tonight if for FUN!