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This weekend has… No, this past week and a half has been… intense. I’ve done new things and had new emotions and there have been hearts broken and healed and slipping deeper into deliria. The world has broken and reformed over and over again, reconfiguring itself to flood our world with emotion and feeling, for better or for worse. There are still troubles - there always were and will always be; and there are still joys - there always were and will always be.

There’s Glamour in the air, glittering off everyone and everything. And I’m just going with the flow, going with the Story. What’s happening is so out of my depth that I’m not trying to push back.

It’s… draining, too. I don’t know why it’s draining to not impose on the world… But right now, I’m just going to see where life takes me. It’s all that I can do…