Resolutions, Separations, Reawakenings and Complications

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And so the confusion carries on. Barely a few hours after my Monday afternoon crash, yet another situation reared its head and has begun to be dealt with. I didn’t get to sleep until 6am that night, and didn’t wake up until 3pm the following day, missing all my lectures once more. Once more that night my room entertained a guest, or maybe more than one… After all, I did say he could visit, and that applies to both the human and the other. And I got to see the blossoming of a Mage Ego, those things that I bemoan so much… =p

Still, while those events have put my brain once more through the mangle, things are looking up. In theory, life is going fine and well… Although an extra complication has appeared which makes my heart feel awkward. Also, long-distance relationships hurt. And the idea that people might be upset hurts, and the idea that people might be bored hurts, too.

So, it’s been two weeks now, since the first wave of detachment, the first of the future echoes washed over me. Is it over now, at last? No, not quite. Today, for a while, I was still shaking. But certain issues are working their way towards their conclusions. And that’s at least the beginning of the end…

For now.