Day of the Wildebeest Cube

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A lot has happened today… First off, I actually managed to get enough work done this morning that I’m not quite so horribly behind, and I’m now actually feeling quite confident about Classical Mechanics.

Then, in the afternoon, we went shopping. I became a shameless consumer whore, eating at both KFC and Subway in one day. I also bought some manga (Crescent Moon 2 & 3) and a published book of a Cthulhu-related webcomic. Anna bought a plushie Cthulhu that spent at least half an hour sitting on Andy’s hat, while Mark went and bought an inflatable dalek for our living room. We have so much cool stuff in our living room now! Also, although we didn’t buy the books, there’s a really awesome-sounding new roleplaying game called Fireborn. It’s very appropriate to Tsuki.

Then, while in TK Maxx, we encountered The Fabled Wildebeest Cube of Doom +1. It was a kind of bean-bag-like-seat, which on first inspection looked furry. It turned out, though, that it was hairy. For some reason, we ended up thinking it was wildebeest hair…

Anyway, on the way to the supermarket we stopped at the seemingly- randomly-generated German market in the middle of town to buy chocolate-covered grapes and strawberries, which were extremely nice! Food shopping was tolerable, but getting all the stuff home (and ye gods, we bought so much stuff) was scary. I ended up carying five bags on a stick held up by my shoulders, because I couldn’t lift the damn things for very long with my hands…

After that lot, I was too worn out to do anything this evening except sit around and chat about anime and old console games… ^_^

(And, just so today’s report isn’t all happiness and joy, I’ve got to mention the recent developments in a certain Games Society forum thread. It’s beginning to scare me a little, and I’m getting worried that people could think wrongly about me after reading a thread like that… Just because I have something, doesn’t mean I like it. I have Windows XP on my hard disk, but I don’t like it. I have the Power Rangers theme in my MP3 collection, but I don’t like it. The fact my anime collection includes Puni Puni Poemi doesn’t necessarily mean I like it. In fact, I find it more than a little scary. So, please don’t judge me on things like that…)