Part I - How Not to Wake Up

I planned to wake up at 9am today. I actually woke up at 1pm, thus missing Kung Fu for the third week in a row. My apologies to everyone whom I’d told that I’d be there…

Part II - Productiveness

This afternoon I got quite a bit of work done, since I’m really lagging behind on lots of my work at the moment. Also made a Star Ocean 3 wallpaper, since I’m obsessing about the game at the moment.

Part III - A Bus Journey in the Rain

So, Racheet and I decided to go to a gig in Winchester this evening. I first found out about this at 2pm and it started at 8, but never mind - on-the-spot decisions are fun! Anyways, after an hour or so of travelling, we found ourselves at a seemingly-deserted pub in Winchester. Hidden away somewhere, however, was the music room. Once we found that, it became much more like what I was expecting… Although upon stepping through the door I wasn’t expecting J-Rock.

Part IV - Syaranosui

Whoah. Stunning… In appearance and talent. I assumed them to be a local band, seeing as they’re playing in a pub to 40 people and brought along a stack of their CDs to sell. Upon later inspection, <a href=>their website</a> lists a price for their CD in Yen. So, they’re very much an enigma to me. I bought the CD though, they’re really good!

Part V - Trauma Pet

Another warm-up band - really quite good (I bought their CD too) but IMHO not as good as the last.

Part VI - Goteki

Part two of tonight’s enigma. I always assumed they were famous, and I keep meeting people who’ve heard about them. So seeing them playing to 40 people in a pub was weird! I’m still unsure as to how famous they actually are. Anyway, popular or not, I think they’re really good! Amusing, too. ^_^ They’re the band that I went to see, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed!

Part VII - House Party

One bus trip back to Southampton, and Racheet and I stopped by at a house with some of the people who’d been at the gig. As usual, I feel horribly out of place since I don’t know anyone, but I had fun nonetheless! Being my normal stupid self I’ve forgotten most of the peoples’ names already, but at least it’s another seven or eight faces that I recognise in what I guess is the Southampton goth scene.

All in all, a fantastic even


Holy crap, it’s half past three… That’s not good ;;_;;