Just had one of the most disturbing of my recurring dreams again. Unfortunately I don’t feel comfortable saying what happened in it, because it’s about certain people I know, and it’s about a horrible future that I never want to happen.

Not, of course, that it’s likely to happen - it starts off with me being at University the year before I actually arrived, and one of my friends having a long-term illness that AFAIK she doesn’t have, so it doesn’t start plausibly. However, as with all stories, I think that just by being known by people they develop a little truth. So I’m keeping this one to myself. Painful as it is, the less people that know about it the better.

This angsty doom-post was brought to you by the weird middle bits of my brain, and the numbers 5 and 23.

(Also, it dawns on me that this dream would be right up Key’s street. In fact, it creates very similar emotions to the ones that Planetarian did.)